Swap Referral Program

Earn Up to 20% of Your Friends' Swap Commission!

You can expect a certain commission reward every time your invited friends make a swap on Biswap. Swap referral rewards from trading fees will be sent to your referral balance immediately after a swap. The Swap Referral Program is active for certain trading pairs.

The complete list of trading pairs can be found here.

Your percentage of swap referral rewards will be calculated based on the amount of the BSW tokens staked in the Investment Pool. The default swap referral reward set by Biswap is 10%.

Swap Referral Rewards

# of BSW staked in the Investment PoolReferral %

0 - 199


200 - 999


1,000 - 2,999


3,000 - 6,999


7,000 - 9,999




All the rewards are paid in BSW tokens and converted at the time of deposit to your referral balance. You can withdraw your swap referral rewards at any time, paying a flat fee of 0.5 BSW for each withdrawal.

Please keep in mind that swap referral rewards are calculated based on the trading fee paid by your referral friend and not based on the trading volume. Let’s take a look at the following examples to avoid any misunderstanding.


You have 8,000 BSW staked in the Investment Pool, and your referral link has a profit-sharing option of 50%. Your invited friend made a swap on Biswap for 10,000 USDT. Given this data, we can conclude that a trading fee of 10 USDT was paid. As a result, your referral reward is 0.9 USDT (10 USDT x 18% x 50%). If an exchange rate is 1 BSW = 1 USDT, you will receive 0.9 BSW on your referral balance.

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