Migration to Biswap V3

Migrate from the 'Liquidity' tab via a Step-by-Step Guide

Take some time to properly migrate liquidity from V2 to V3 and start experiencing more profitable conditions!

Note that in order to migrate, you must have Biswap liquidity on V2. If you don't have liquidity on V2, there is no point in using migration.

Step 1. Head to the 'Liquidity' tab (the interface is changed). Switch to V2, select your liquidity pair, and click the 'Remove' button to withdraw your funds. Don't see a pool you joined? Import it or, if you staked your LP tokens in a Farm, unstake them to see them in the Liquidity V2 tab.

Step 2. Approve your tokens and click on the 'Remove' button.

Great. You've successfully withdrawn your liquidity to your wallet. Now we're going to add liquidity to V3.

Step 3. Switch back to V3 and select 'Add Liquidity'.

You were redirected to the following V3 Liquidity page.

V3 block contains:

  • the inputs where you can choose the pair to which liquidity will be provided;

  • price in the ratio of token A/token B (current price);

  • fee tier of the selected pool with a specific commission for swaps (0.015% / 0.08% / 0.28% / 1%);

  • gift icon that indicates the additional rewards in crypto;

  • price range.

Step 4. Choose the pair, then pick an appropriate fee tier according to your strategy and enter the number of tokens.

Step 5. Set the price range and click the 'Approve BSW' button.

The price range block has portable frames that can be moved to define price limits for your own liquidity. The same functionality can be used with the Min/Max Price fields, where you need to specify the token's price in the ratio token A/token B.

Step 6. Open the preview and push the 'Confirm' button.

Well done, you've provided liquidity on Biswap V3! From now, you will automatically start earning if the set price matches the range. Your position in V3 liquidity will be displayed in the corresponding tab.

The 'View Liquidity' button leads to the V3 liquidity.


If you have your tokens on Farms and in the wallet simultaneously, you must unstake it and complete the migration process. This will help you to save BNB on commission and add liquidity to one position.

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