3️⃣Biswap V3

Benefits of Biswap V3

Biswap V3 Benefits

  • Optimizing the use of liquidity for exchanges.

  • Increasing TTV & TVL.

  • Attracting the attention of the crypto community and new users through the implementation of an advanced (competitive) product solution.

  • Development of the Biswap ecosystem with the involvement of new partners.

  • Reduced volatility and price impact due to the efficient use of liquidity in the new protocol. This is a double benefit for traders and Liquidity Providers.

Perks for V3 Liquidity Providers

  • 80% LP rewards from trading fees Liquidity providers will get 80% LP (V3) rewards instead of 75% (V2). When users pay a trading fee, 80% would go to Liquidity Providers, 10% to the Team, and 10% to Treasury, a fund for future BSW lock and burn instruments. Moreover, Biswap V3 LP rewards will be 20% higher among V3 DEXs on BNB Smart Chain.

  • 80% yields from limit orders Liquidity Providers receive 80% of trading fees from limit orders, with 10% going to the team and 10% to the treasury (a separate contract that allocates 10% from the V3 trading fee and future revenue streams).

  • Auto participation with lower network fee spent in V3 Farms Save on network fees on Farms with fewer actions, without additional staking to profit. Earn Farm rewards if the set range is matched with the current price and the chosen fee tier has active rewards.

  • Up to 4000X more capital efficiency Concentrated liquidity allows you to earn more efficiently. Liquidity Providers ensure maximum liquidity with the same amount of funds, reducing the loss of liquidity.

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