Strategic Partnerships

Binance Labs Announces Strategic Investment in Biswap

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubator of Binance, announced a strategic investment in Biswap. The synergy from two companies working together in tandem will bring new high-quality products & services, technology enhancement, and further worldwide expansion.

Assets Management

For the purpose of optimizing operational processes as well as proper and secure asset management Biswap has been transferring the funds allocated for the Strategic Partnership fund to Our strategic partner and advisor, Binance, will be used as a trusted custody service provider to make sure the team diversifies the risks associated with asset management.

Biswap would like to make it clear that we, as a company, are legally bound by the terms of its investment agreements. It means that Biswap must perform its respective obligations as stipulated in those contracts. Failure to deliver a promised asset means a failure to comply with the terms of the legally binding agreement leading to serious penalties.

Taking all the aforementioned into consideration, you can be assured that not even a single token can be sold on as there is a vesting schedule with our investors. Therefore, Biswap has to comply with it; otherwise would be legally liable for the violation of the agreed terms and conditions of the binding agreement.

In addition to that, Biswap would like to assure you that our investors have never sold any tokens received as part of the investment agreement. We have all the required instruments to validate that these tokens are being kept safely and not sold/traded on the market.

Even though Biswap aims to be transparent in every operation, we cannot disclose the wallet addresses of our investors nor the amount transferred to them. According to our investment agreements, Biswap shall hold the confidential information, including but not limited to the investment amount, BSW token transfers and investors’ wallet addresses, in strict confidence and shall not disclose, reproduce or distribute any confidential information in whole or in part, directly or indirectly (or permit any of the foregoing) to any individuals or entities.

Failure to keep the investment amount and investors’ wallet addresses in privacy (as stipulated in the investment agreement) would mean a breach of the contract and consequently lead to series penalties. Hence, we do hope for your understanding.

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