Bug Bounty

You can expect the bug bounty compensation only after filling out the Biswap Bug Bounty Application Form. The reports in TG chats are not considered.

Biswap Bug Bounty is a program by which platform users can receive compensation and recognition for reporting bugs, especially security exploits and vulnerabilities. By implementing this program, Biswap allows its users to earn BSW tokens for reporting bugs and preventing incidents of widespread abuse.

Your safety has always been our top priority. Our team is highly committed to providing service of the highest calibre of quality and ensuring the platform's safety. Biswap invites its users to help protect and improve the platform as part of this program.


What Can You Report?

You can report any weaknesses in the code, typos on the website, issues with logging in to the website, inability to withdraw funds to the wallet, failure to add liquidity, make a swap, and so on.

How to Report a Weakness?

If you spot a weakness or a bug, please, report it via the Biswap Bug Bounty Application Form. Describe the found issue as explicitly, and as detailed as possible and provide any evidence you might have (screenshots and/or screen recording).

What Will Happen Once You Submit Your Report?

Biswap security experts will investigate the report and contact you within two business days to discuss the issue, how you found it, and follow-up actions once the bug report is still relevant or discovered by you for the first time.

Please be aware that we may receive many reports. While we endeavour to process them as quickly as possible, we cannot provide direct feedback on those responses that are filled in incorrectly.

IMPORTANT: You must fill in all the required Form lines to report a bug. The reports where the lines are skipped by adding just a "-" sign or random words/numbers will not be considered.


Take responsibility and act with extreme caution and care. Only use the necessary methods or techniques to find and/or demonstrate the weakness in investigating the matter.

  • Secure your system as tightly as possible

  • Do not use vulnerabilities or weaknesses for the purpose other than your investigation

  • Do not use social engineering to gain access to the system

  • Do not alter the system in any way


The compensation will be sent in BSW tokens. The amount of compensation will be based on the weakness severity and the potential damages prevented due to your report.

The amount of compensation will be calculated based on the following criteria:

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