Biswap Platform

What Is the Max Supply of BSW Tokens?

700 million BSW tokens.

What Is the Difference Between Farms and Launchpools?

To farm, you need to provide liquidity to one of the pools first. Once you have provided liquidity, you would get LP tokens, which you can further stake in the Farms. When it comes to Launchpools, it will let you use your tokens for farming (earn) more tokens for free. With Biswap Launchpools, you do not need to provide liquidity, you will just need to take your token and stake it.
Both investment options have their advantages. Which one to choose is up to your goals.

How Do I Connect My Wallet to Biswap?

To connect your wallet to our platform, you must click on the "Connect Wallet" button in the top-right corner of the page. After that, look for the wallet you want to connect and click "Connect". Approve the connection, and you're good to go.
Biswap currently runs on the BNB Chain network only.

How Does Profit-Sharing Work?

Profit-sharing means that you can share a portion of your profit with your invited friends. When you go to the “Referral” page, you can generate four different referral links with various profit-sharing options, including 0%, 10%, 20%, and 50%.
Let’s say you generated a referral link with 50% profit sharing and shared it with your friend. Your invited friend has earned 10 BSW tokens in the Launchpools. When he/she withdraws this amount, you and your invited friend will receive 0.25 BSW tokens on your Launchpool referral accounts.

Why Does One Address Hold the Vast Majority of Tokens?

  • Token contract address: 0x965f527d9159dce6288a2219db51fc6eef120dd1
  • Initial Supply: 0xc6aF770101dA859d680E0829380748CCcD8F7984
  • Initial Liquidity: 0xe36Fe999FA75A527147492685e24d2Ff7d727aE1
  • Hot wallet for Free BSW payouts: 0xbc52ed187b608ab20f8bd404eade4928ee6ff064
When you open our token contract address on BSC Scan, you will notice that 58% of tokens are held by one address (MasterChef contract): 0xdbc1a13490deef9c3c12b44fe77b503c1b061739. This contract is the Biswap core of functionality and is responsible for the farming and staking of our platform.
10 million BSW tokens are the amount that was allocated for the past Free BSW Pool, marketing & strategic partnership purposes, and to secure the initial liquidity.
The initial supply of the Biswap project is 10 000 000 tokens. Out of this amount, 400 000 BSW tokens were allocated to secure the initial liquidity.
The remaining tokens were sent to the address that was responsible for the Free BSW payouts.
Free BSW payouts included:
  • Free BSW rewards
  • Sign up bonuses from the pre-launch event
  • Rewards for the referral competition
Marketing & Partnership purposes include any activities aimed at increasing the brand awareness of Biswap. Free BSW Pool is also a part of marketing.
All the transactions made from the 0xc6aF770101dA859d680E0829380748CCcD8F7984 address will be clearly described and shared with the community.