How to lock Biswap Liquidity on Unicrypt

A Liquidity Locker allows developers to hold these LP tokens in a smart contract, prohibiting them from removing LPs from the start date (or, more precisely, a start block) to the end date (end block).

Benefits of this Biswap integration:

  • More Safety - projects can lock their tokens on Biswap

  • Increase in Liquidity

  • New features on Biswap

  • More possibilities for future development

About the project

Unicrypt provides 5 main services plus several sub-features, making it a one-stop shop with everything you need to launch a project, purchase tokens from a launchpad, simply stake your tokens, create a farm, and so on. Ultimately it is a Blockchain tech provider.

Unicrypt services include:

  • Liquidity Lockers

  • Token Vesting

  • Token Minter

  • ILO Platform

  • Farms-as-a-service

Biswap is integrated into Unicrypt Liquidity Locker. Now, you can lock your Biswap LP tokens using Unicrypt. It provides more opportunities for projects that are launching on Biswap. With Liquidity Locking, the project can strengthen its trust and give more confidence to its users.

How to Lock Biswap Liquidity on Unicrypt?

Step 1. Enter your Pair’s Address

Before going to step one, please make sure that:


DEX pair creation (e.g. Biswap pool has been created)

LP tokens are held in the wallet you connect to the Lockers DAPP

Additionally, your wallet needs to be connected to the decentralized app. Once your token contract address is pasted in the “Pair name or address…” field, the pair will be associated with your wallet balance:

Step 2  -  Configuring the liquidity lock

It’s a security feature. After the LP tokens have been locked, they cannot be withdrawn until the unlock date.

The dates shown are for UI comfort, but behind the unlocking date is an end block. Dates and hours shown are automatically adjusted according to your browser timezone.

Using this option enables the token developer locking the LP to declare a different lock owner (a different address).

For example, I am locking the LP tokens as a project developer, but this is my project lead that will then be allowed to withdraw them once the end date has been reached.

However, regardless of which address owns a lock, NONE of the LP tokens can be withdrawn before the end date.

Locking with a referrer address provides you with a discount. The referrer wallet address must have 3 UNCX Tokens in order to apply.

Fee model: Unicrypt Lockers

Free OptionDetails

Option - Regular Locks

Flat fee (ETH,xDai,BNB) +1% of LP tokens Locked

The flat fee or the amount of UNCX burnt is not specified in the above because it can change over time. The updates are announced on the official Unicrypt Twitter page.

Step 3  -  Confirming the lock

Once the first 2 steps of this tutorial are completed, simply confirm the ‘Approve’ and ‘Lock’ standard steps.

Thank you for following the guide! This collaboration brings many new opportunities for the Biswap Platform. And it’s just the beginning! Stay tuned for more exciting features of this strategic collaboration!

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