Guide To a Referral Program

Earn with a Unique Multi-Type Referral Program!

Biswap DEX is one of the leading projects in the world of DeFi. Many excellent products have been released since the launch date. Nevertheless, Biswap is still growing and developing new features so our users can experience all the joys of owning crypto. One of the latest achievements is the Referral Program update with the launch of referral rewards from friends’ swap commissions.

A Multi-type Referral Program is a unique Biswap product that allows users to make extra profit by inviting their friends to register via the referral link. You can do the same easily! Invite your friend and earn more crypto rewards through:

🌟 Swaps 🌟 Farms 🌟 Launchpools All your referral rewards will be sent to your referral balances in BSW tokens. All the fees will also be charged in BSW tokens. Check your referral balance here:

Exchange | Earn up to 20% From Your Friend’s Swaps!

Swaps Referral Program indicates that users will get a specific commission reward every time their referrals make swaps on the Biswap platform. Rewards are sent out immediately following the referrals’ swaps. You will receive rewards according to the amount of BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool.

Note: to earn from 12% in the Swap Referral Program on Biswap, you must have a certain amount of BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool. If you have 0 BSW staked in the BSW Holder pool, you will get 10%.

Only 57 whitelisted exchange pairs are eligible for the Swap Referral Program.

Here is a full list of 57 whitelisted exchange pairs (as of February 2022):

The Swap Referral Program is exclusive and benefits users:

  • Earn up to 20% from invited friend’s swaps

  • A new method of gaining crypto through trading

  • Obtaining exclusive experience on BNB Chain

Find out more about Swap Referral Program here.

Farms | Gain 5% From Your Friend’s Earnings on Farms!

Invite your friends and earn extra rewards via Farms. You can expect to get 5% from your friends’ earnings. Once your invited friends Harvest their BSW earnings, your referral rewards will be visible and available for withdrawal.

Remember: to gain 5% from friends’ earnings, the referral friend needs to connect their BEP-20 wallet to the Biswap platform right after he clicks the referral link. If they switch to another page of the Biswap platform without the wallet’s connection — they won’t be registered as your referral friend, so 5% earn won’t be activated.

Launchpools | Receive 5% From Your Friend’s Earnings on Launchpools!

Earn BSW in Stake BSW Launchpools with your referral friends and get a reward of 5% of their earnings. After your friends have harvested or compounded BSW earnings, you can withdraw the rewards from your referral account.

How to Become Someone’s Referrer?

1. Connect your crypto wallet to Biswap

(if you don’t have a crypto wallet — read on how to create & connect it here:

2. Open the Referral program tab.

3. Copy your Referral link. You may create several referral links with different settings (ex., share your referral earnings with your friends: 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%)

4. Send the referral link to your friend. You are done!

The person you sent the link to has to make the first touch with the registration (the Connect Wallet button) via the referral link from the inviter. If they go to any other tabs and click the Connect Wallet button, the referral link will become disabled!

Please remember that to become your referral, the user (your friend) has to click the Sign button in the pop-up window, which will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The mentioned pop-up window is the Signature Request window of the crypto wallet extension.

How To Become a Referral Friend?

  1. Double-check the link that starts with:…. and follow it.

  2. To be sure that you will register as a referral, check your address; it must look like this:

3. Press the Connect Wallet button and join our platform with the crypto wallet based on the BNB Chain network.

Remember that you need to have a crypto wallet extension on your browser or join the Biswap with your mobile phone via the browser in your crypto wallet. (if you don’t have a crypto wallet  —  read on how to create & connect.

4. Check a Signature Request pop-up carefully from your wallet extension.

✅ The message in the Signature Request with a referral link will include the following information:

registerReferralCode=(code from your referral link)=…

❌ The message in Signature Request WITHOUT a referral link will include the following information:


Find your referral link below to invite more friends and earn together:


How To Monitor Your Referral Balances?

1. Open the Referral Program tab.

2. There, you can see the list of inactive referral friends.

Inactive referral friends have connected their wallets but have not made the actions provided for in the conditions of the Referral Program on the Biswap platform yet.

3. When your referral friends have become liquidity providers on Biswap Farms or have started earning BSW in Stake BSW Launchpools, you will see their actions in the Referral list below.

4. When the referral Harvests or Compounds their earnings, they will become an Active Referral.

5. From that moment, you may withdraw your income from your Referral Balance.

How To Check the Referral Balance?

Control and multiply your balance 24/7. For your convenience, there are separate Referral Balances, including:

  1. Swaps Referral Balance

  2. Farms Referral Balance

  3. Launchpools Referral Balance

  4. Lottery Referral Balance

Withdrawal commissions for referral balances:

  • Exchange → 0.5 BSW

  • Farms & Launchpools → 0.5 BSW

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