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Multi-Reward Pool

Profit for Traders & BSW Holders!
The Multi-Reward Pool is ending due to inconsistency with the Biswap strategic vision. As stated in the article, an alternative earning tool will be BSW Investment Pool in the future.

What is Biswap Multi-Reward Pool?

The Multi-Reward Pool is an additional earning option for Biswap traders. As you already guessed from Pool's name, users will get multiple rewards in different tokens, such as BSW, BNB, and BUSD! To join the Pool and get such glorious rewards, you have to stake BSW and activate them by trading volumes. It is an exceptional chance to raise your income with lucrative conditions, including:
  • Multiple tokens in return
  • High APY
  • Low entry barriers
  • Extra income for tradings

Multi-Reward Pool Utilities for Biswap DEX & Users!

Multi-Reward Pool has many interested parties, including Biswap DEX, Liquidity Providers, BSW Holders, and Traders! All of them will get a bunch of benefits.
  • BSW Value: the Biswap platform will receive a significant amount of locked BSW tokens and, consequently, a more decisive influence on maintaining the token's price. These favorable factors will have a good impact on the value of BSW.
  • More BSW Token Holders: to join the Multi-Reward Pool, users need BSW tokens for staking. Due to this condition, the number of BSW Holders will grow on Biswap DEX, and more users will experience this worthy crypto!
  • Growth of the Total Trading Volume: earning via a Multi-Reward Pool requires trading volume from the user to increase the profit. This term motivates users to trade on Biswap and will cause an increase in Total Trading Volume (TVL).
  • Increase of LP rewards for Liquidity Providers: TVL growth will positively affect the Liquidity Providers’ profit from the trading fee. Biswap values its Liquidity Providers and gives them a percentage of the trading fee as LP rewards. It means that active trading on Biswap will bring extra earnings for Liquidity Providers.

How Does a Multi-Reward Pool Work?

According to the recent changes Trading Fee has increased to 0.2%. But it is still the lowest commission on the BNB Chain. Every time, 10% of this commission will be directed to the Biswap Earn features, including Multi-Reward Pool.
To take advantage of the new offer, you must stake BSW and swap eligible trading pairs on This way, you make your staked BSW active, and only then can you earn from the pool. Consider that 1 BSW equals $20 trading volume, so to activate 1 BSW, you have to make a $20 trading volume (this equivalence might be changed in the future).
  • Main principle: The more trading volume you have - the higher income you can expect from staking!
View the Trading Volume Multipliers for Eligible Trading Pairs:​
Trading Volume will be calculated from the moment the feature is launched. Only eligible trading pairs are taken into account (if the eligible pair were in a Route, the trading volume would be counted as well)

What are Active BSW Tokens? Why are they so Important?

So, Active BSW means tokens that were backed by trading volume on the Biswap platform.
If users staked 1 000 BSW into Multi-Reward Pool, the expected Trading Volume will be $20 000. But if the user made an $8 000 trading volume, only 400 BSW will be activated (8 000/ $20) and will bring a profit (400 BSW *APR)
Note: if you have no trading volume, you will have no income from the Multi-Reward Pool
The equivalence of 1 BSW = $20 of the trading volume (might be changed in the future)

Trading Volume burning & Importance of Regular Trading

After 30 days, on the next day, the share of your Trading Volumes will start to burn. Every day at 12:00 PM UTC, the trading volume will be summed up for 30 days. The trading volume of the shifted day will be burned.
Example 1: The user made $10 000 Trading Volume on the first day, $5 000 Trading Volume on the 2nd day and so on. During 30 days, the Trading Volume amount increased to $30 000. On the 31st day, $10 000 of Trading Volume will be burned. On the 32nd day - $5 000 will be burned.
Example 2: The user made $10 000 Trading Volume on the first day and $5 000 Trading Volume on the 2nd day. After that, the user did not trade with eligible pairs at all. After 30 days, the Trading Volume amount will be $15 000. On the 31st day, $10 000 of Trading Volume will be burned, and on the 32nd day - $5 000 will be burned. In this way, If the user won’t trade, the whole Trading Volume will decrease to $0, and the user won’t get any income.

Stake & Withdrawal of BSW Terms

Users stake our native token BSW into the Pool. Consider that the maximum stake per user is 100 000 BSW, and the minimum is 0.01 BSW. It is possible to withdraw the locked assets and increase the staked amount anytime, but note:
  • A 10% withdrawal fee is required when withdrawing staked BSW earlier than a 60-day lock term. Once the lock term is over, you can withdraw BSW with no early withdrawal fee. If you withdraw your assets earlier than 60 days, 10% will be deducted from the withdrawal amount as a fee for early withdrawal.
  • Additional stake in the Pool will restart the countdown of the 60-day lock term, and the fee for early withdrawal will be prolonged.

Accrual & Harvest of BSW, WBNB and BUSD Rewards

The rewards are accrued every 24 hours at 12:00 PM UTC to your balance on the Multi-reward Pool page. Users can harvest them at any time with a 0.0015 WBNB commission for a reward in 3 tokens. The Multi-reward pool will expand and delight users like other features, so when more tokens are added to the pool, the commission for rewards withdrawal will increase consequently.

History of Rewards & Volumes

To ensure transparency of Multi-reward Pool functionality, users can see the history of their trading volumes and rewards distributions for the previous periods. There is also your share of burned BSW visible.
All figures are relevant at the time of the material release: 8/16/2022