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Buy new tokens directly for BSW on Biswap. Maximize your profit by participating in the Initial DEX Offerings.

Meet a new, grandiose feature of Biswap DEX! Potent blockchain projects can now launch their tokens through Initial DEX Offering on Biswap Launchpad! The IDO process, established on Biswap, is remarkably effective and instantly provides powerful utilities to the freshly launched tokens.

What is IDO?

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is a process by which a project launches a token through a DEX liquidity exchange. With IDO, blockchain projects and Biswap enrich their products and token services and make smart business decisions. Initial token sale engages the communities and makes the collaborations more effective.

IDO Benefits for Biswap DEX and its Community

  • Voluminous Biswap Ecosystem expansion and upgrade

  • Implementation of highly required BNB IDO process

  • Strengthening of the BSW token, increase of volume and price

  • IDO tokens are bought with BSW

  • A massive influx of new active users and investors to Biswap DEX

  • Establishment of potent IDO partnerships

  • Additional lucrative opportunities for Biswappers

  • Official listings, Launchpools, Farming pairs, and collaborative events

  • The new burning mechanism for the BSW token

  • Global expansion of the Biswap community

Each project that launches the IDO on Biswap will be delighted with tremendous Biswap Launchpad benefits:

  • Biswap is a TOP-2 DEX on BNB with the most profitable utilities

  • The open and secure fundraising process

  • A large number of fundraising participants

  • 500 000+ Biswap DEX Active Users meet IDO

Immediate Biswap Liquidity for new tokens

  • The token is whitelisted on a rapidly gaining popularity Biswap DEX

  • A huge number of ready utilities for the launched token

  • Instant Token Exchange with the lowest 0.2% Fee on BNB

  • Farming pairs with powerful tokens

  • Profitable Double Launchpools (IDO token + BSW)

  • Trading Competitions

  • Collaborative Events that increase the popularity of the IDO token and project

  • A great pump of token volume and positive statistics after the IDO finish

  • Opportunity to join the $10 000 000 Biswap Global Incentive Program

The Procedure for Conducting the IDO

Initial DEX Offering is a next-level type of crypto fundraising. Biswap has combined the simplicity of the IDO with maximum efficiency. Here are some essential points of the IDO on Biswap Launchpad that you should know:

  1. Two Investment Pools are available to attract both small and big investors. One has an unlimited deposit sum, and the second has a limited deposit sum. Each of them has its benefits.

  2. Token IDO on Biswap Launchpad is established with BSW tokens.

  3. The IDO on Biswap Launchpad is active for a well-defined time. The duration of each IDO can be adjusted depending on the agreement with a particular IDO project.

  4. After the IDO ends, tokens are instantly listed on the Biswap Exchange. They become ready for exchange, staking, providing Liquidity, etc.

  5. Biswap creates many utilities for a newly launched token. Double Launchpools, Farming Pairs, Trading Competitions, and other promotional events can be established to boost your token and increase its popularity.

Are you interested in launching your robust token on the vigorous Biswap Launchpad? Read the details of IDO Conducting in the Form.

Partnerships for IDO Establishment and Enhancement

Biswap DEX will happily run an IDO for new projects with high-potential tokens. We are also eager to collaborate with all platforms and projects that are relevant to the IDO, such as:

  • Liquidity Lockers

  • IDO platforms

  • Blockchain Startup Accelerators

  • Blockchain Incubators

  • Venture Capitals and Venture Builders

  • Developers

  • Investors

  • Advisors

Biswap DEX can support various IDO Platforms as an Official DEX Representative. After the IDO process of a token on your platform is finalized, the newly launched tokens can be used on Biswap DEX. Our effective utilities, such as exchanging, Launchpools, Farms, and promotional events, will give a mighty leap for the token.

We are embarking on a new chapter in the history of Biswap DEX together with you. We aim to leave an enduring mark on DeFi and increase our users' number of earning opportunities. Join Biswap DEX to reach new strategic milestones!

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