Terms of Use

Since the implementation of Perpetual Trading is carried out with the help of ApolloX, there are several terms Biswap is not responsible for.

Support for issues related to Perpetual Trading integrated on Biswap is provided by ApolloX.

If you have technical issues while using ApolloX Finance's trading solution at Biswap DEX, please submit a request by this link once you have any. The Biswap Support team is not authorized to access any product-related data from other platforms, so we cannot provide you with technical solutions or assistance regarding the Perpetual Trading feature.

ApolloX is responsible for the functionality of Perpetual Trading on Biswap.

Biswap integrated an ApolloX Finance solution to offer its users worthy service for implementing the best trading positions and benefiting from them. The ApolloX trading infrastructure is based on off-chain order-book matching and on-chain settlement, providing important trading features and maintaining the privacy and security of a DEX at the same time.

Before starting any actions on the Perpetual Trading page on Biswap, users must agree to the Terms of Use through a special pop-up they will see when entering the page.

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