Perpetual Trading

ApolloX & Biswap Collaboration!

Perpetual Trading, or perpetual swaps, are open-ended contracts allowing you to buy and sell assets at a predetermined price at a particular time. In fact, the traders don't own the asset but have a contract for which they will receive a profit when it is fulfilled.

Perpetual Trading has gained popularity due to its flexibility, high leverage, liquidity, and availability. Moreover, this feature allows traders to hedge and manage risks, thus reducing the possibility of losing their assets.

Future contracts on Biswap are one more lucrative tool for trading in the DeFi space. For traders, it's an excellent opportunity to make crypto and experience a new way of profit.

Perpetual Trading on Biswap DEX

Perpetual Trading on Biswap is an integrated solution from ApolloX. ApolloX is a decentralized derivatives trading protocol that acts as a solution for Web3 trading. The platform supplies safety, high transaction performance, fast response speed, and transparency of users’ funds. The partnership with Biswap provides users with reliable and straightforward Perpetual Trading: no lengthy registration and KYC. Just connect your wallet to Biswap to start a new way of getting income.

Perpetual Trading Perks

  • Hedging and risk management

  • Due to leverage, traders can open positions that exceed their account balance

  • Short-term exposure of futures allows traders to bet on the profitability of an asset even if they do not have it

  • Traders can make a profit in both bull and bear markets

  • Futures contracts do not have an expiration date, which allows traders to conclude deals for an indefinite period

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