TG Chat Activities

TOP Monthly Active Users

Be active in Biswap TG Global Chat & and win BSW!

πŸ† Prize Pool: 1 000 BSW πŸ“ Where: Biswap Global Chat πŸ‘‘ Who: 20 active users monthly

To be considered an active Biswapper, you must send at least one message in the chat during the day. More messages - more chances of winning!

TOP Monthly Active Users selection criteria:

  • The natural way of communication

  • No GIFs and Stickers spamming

  • Your messages are relevant to the chat discussion

  • Your username is not hidden

  • Your message history does not contain duplicates

  • You follow all the chat rules

  • You can't use multi-accounts

Siri Wonders

Siri is waiting for you to answer the questions! Enjoy different questions three times a week in Biswap TG Chat:

πŸ“† When: Mon, Wed, Fri πŸ“ Where: Biswap Global Chat

  • Expect a question from Account Manager Siri

  • Provide your answer & become a part of the discussion

  • Increase your chances of becoming the Top Monthly Active User

Colibri Pace Quiz

Answer tricky questions from Siri

πŸ† Reward: 30 BSW weekly πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Winner: 1st user with a correct answer πŸ“† When: Mon, Wed, Fri, at 01:00 PM UTC πŸ“ Where: Biswap Global Chat

How to get the reward?

  • Join Biswap TG Chat

  • Stay tuned for Siri's question

  • Answer quickly & correctly

  • Be first to catch 10 BSW

❗️Edited messages won't be considered ❗️Rewards will be distributed via CCTip

Biswap Walk of Fame

Your chance to become a celebrity! Be chosen & win the prize monthly!

πŸ’°Prize Pool: $120 in BSW ($30 per user) πŸ…Winners: 4 (1 per nomination) πŸ“Where: Biswap Global Chat Want to feel like a Hollywood star? Follow the criteria & get your Biswapper nomination:

πŸ† The Meme Guru πŸ† The Educative πŸ† The Optimistic πŸ† The Supportive

❗️Note: have at least 50 messages related to one of these nominations

πŸ“The winners will be selected by our team & announced in the chat on the 1st day of each month!

πŸ’Έ Rewards will be distributed via CCTip within 24 hours after that.

Interstellar Expedition

Explore Biswap via tasks from Siri

πŸ’°Pool: $150 in BSW per week πŸ†Winners: 5 random ($30 in BSW per one) πŸ—“When: 12 PM UTC, every Tuesday ⏰Duration: 72 hours πŸͺWhere: Biswap Global Chat

General Conditions:

  1. Complete all the tasks from the list

  2. Report your actions via the Form

  3. Reply to the event message with the 'Expedition is complete' phrase

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