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Local Community Ambassador

Hello Biswappers!

We are proud to have such an active and open-minded audience! We appreciate and strongly support our global communication via local chats. You are always welcome to join them, and feel free to share and discuss your experience on Biswap.
Our users’ geography is expanding every day. Therefore we are offering you the opportunity to create new local chats, become its Ambassador, and provide our Biswapper with a comfortable environment and vast excitement. Based on the Biswap Global community feedback, as of now, we are primarily focused on creating the following Biswap local communities:
  • Filipino-speaking 🇵🇭
  • Arabic-speaking 🇦🇪
  • Persian-speaking 🇮🇷

Biswap Admin requirements:

  • Competence on the topic of Biswap
  • Decent English and native language skills
  • At least one year of experience in the crypto industry
  • Strong communication & excellent writing skills
  • Attention to detail, critical thinking & presentation skills
  • Great knowledge of the website, mechanism of the platform, and all its peculiarities
  • Willingness to work and grow
  • Theoretical and Practical assessment passing (the Biswap platform functionalities)

Biswap Admin responsibilities:

  • Chat development
  • Active participation in the chat communication
  • Reports and feedback sharing
  • Staying up-to-date with all the ongoing events & updates
  • Making the community members aware of all the updates on the platform
  • Educating community members about Biswap
  • Respond to customers promptly
  • Coordinate with the technical support team
  • Timely transfer of all the technical issues
  • Article translations for your local community

Biswap Local Admin privileges:

  • Primary Information and Releases Updates
  • General Biswap Admins chat Membership
  • 24/7 Communication with the Biswap Team
  • Being a part of the 2nd largest DEX on BNB
  • Unique Opportunity to work alongside the Biswap Team
  • Be an Ambassador of your native community
The whole procedure until your local chat is approved by the team is solely on a volunteer basis. No payment will be made until the chat is officially listed and the full work month is completed.

Algorithm of proceeding:

1️. Create a local chat 2️. Reach the appropriate stats:
  • 500+ members in the chat
  • 10%+ of the total number of members are online during the daytime in your country
  • Users are active (50+ messages per day from real users, not including admin messages)
Communication in chat:
  • The natural way of communication
  • No GIFs and Stickers spamming
  • Users’ messages are completed, relevant, and in sync with the theme of the chat discussion
3️. Pass the Admin's assessment 4️. Install the TG 2FA function on your account (after setting it on, within seven days, you will get the right to transfer the chat ownership to Elon) 5️. Translate all the chat commands into your language (you will receive the document & instructions) 6️. Delete information unrelated to Biswap from the chat (promo, discussion about other DEXs) 7️. Remove bots from the chat 8️. Go through the verification process and comply with the team’s requirements 9️. Recieve team’s feedback 10. Transfer ownership to Elon

Admin's assessment:

The Biswap team pays special attention to the level of assistance our users receive from our admins. For this reason, we’ve developed an evaluation system to assess Community drivers’ and Local admins’ knowledge.
This system aims to transparently and objectively demonstrate the level of admin’s theoretical and tech skills:
⏰ 80 minutes in total 📚 Theoretical Assessment 💼 Practical Assessment
  1. 1.
    Theoretical Assessment
🔘 Task: 40 single-choice questions ✅ Pass: 75% correct answers ⏰ Time limit: 40 minutes 📍Google Form
Theoretical assessment is designed to check your understanding of the Biswap platform functionality and some general knowledge of DeFi. Each question is in the format of a Single-Choice answer. One of your primary duties as admin is teaching users the information which might be new to them, correctly answering their questions, and educating community members on the specifics of Biswap.
2. Practical Assessment
🔘 Task: 20 open-ended questions ✅ Pass: 60% correct answers ⏰ Time limit: 40 minutes 📍 Google Form
Practical assessment is designed to evaluate your knowledge of the Biswap basic technical platform operations that do not require Biswap Live Support assistance and can be advised by you in the chat.
If you meet the requirements we provide below and go through the Admin’s Assessment successfully, your chat can be recognized as the official Biswap local chat.
Don’t invite bots or not active users; it will spoil your statistics which can be the reason for being declined from getting an official chat status.
If you are already a local admin of other DEXs, you can’t apply for the Biswap local admin position. Thank you for understanding.
After all the steps and a detailed inspection are completed, your chat receives an official status & announcement.
If you have a proposal to create, manage and develop a local community for our project, please submit it to our Account Manager @Siri_Biswap. Siri is in charge of making sure our project meets users’ needs. She handles customer proposals and maintains a positive relationship between both parties for future cooperation.